Let me roast your PR 🔥

Hi, I'm Leandro 👋 — I've got over a decade as an engineer and leader working with companies like Spotify, Klarna, Walnut, Ernst & Young, Erlang Solutions, Kivra, Kloeckner-i, and many more.

I've helped 100+ devs level up their craft through code reviews, pair programming, and RFCs. And now I'm opening up a subscription that gives you a direct line to work together to:

If you've got a piece of code that smells, a technical document that feels bloated, or an architecture that feels overcomplicated, let's get it roasted! 🔥

After you buy a roast, I'll reach out via email and we'll take it from there.

roast my pr 🔥 for EUR29

Looking for a little more help? Want someone involved on a weekly basis? See The staff engineer subscription.